About NALU

Hello! I’m Krystal, creator and lover of all things glittery and beautiful!  I design and handmake every item here at NALU.

Like many small businesses, NALU is a true labour of love, operating from my home studio in Queensland, Australia. I have two amazing children (Mr 10 and Miss 3), two naughty but very lovable sausage dogs and a husband that supports every crazy idea I have!  What started out as wanting to try a new craft to relax one day, has now turned into an all out colourful, sparkle loaded, resin and clay earring and art obsession.  I have always loved crafting and find so much joy in creating original and unique handmade pieces, full of colour, sparkle and shine - that also makes other people smile! 

My heart and head is full of designs, concepts and ideas that trickle out into something I can hold, and that will make someone else smile.  I am also endlessly inspired by things around me - fashion, art, nature, special occasions etc.  I am meticulous (which sometimes drives me crazy!) with my work and I spend many hours researching/trying different techniques and finding the highest quality products to use in my work.  Every single step in the process, from idea creation to sourcing materials, to hand pouring and sanding and finishing and gluing and packaging (sheesh, that sounds exhausting haha) is done with love and the desire to make someone go 'ooooh' when they look at it. 

I want to create art (both wearable and otherwise) that makes people FEEL something - happy, alive, bright, excited, confident, fun!  I want people to look in the mirror when wearing our earrings and feel that extra little bit of oomph to show up with their head held high and feel comfortable in being their true selves. It is our beautiful customers that make our earrings look so good after all! 

FUN FACT:  My babes are Nate and Lucy - hence where the name NALU came from X