Candle FAQ's

Our luxe candles are made from a natural coconut soy wax blend, contain a natural wood wick, and are topped with beautiful crystals. We have created our candle range mindfully, to deliver a gorgeous high quality product that is pure magic - and delights your senses!  All of our ingredients have been sourced from within Australia, with all of our wax and fragrances made right here on Aussie soil.  We have thoroughly researched and tested every component of our candles and hand pour each one with love, in Bundaberg Queensland.

Why Soy and coconut wax?

Natural coco soy wax is a much safer way of indulging in a candle.  The wax is purely natural, non toxic, and free from paraffin.  They burn cleaner and last longer, which means you can enjoy your yummy candles for longer!  They are also much less likely to trigger allergies. They are healthier for us and the environment - and are much less likely to soot.

How do I care for my candle?

First and foremost, please remember that candles are a fire hazard!  Never leave your candle unattended, around children and pets, near other objects (including walls or curtains), on uneven surfaces or in drafts. Please also be aware that crystals are a choking hazard - keep your babes safe by keeping them out of reach at all times.

Next, did you know that there is actually a 'right' way to burn a candle? Our cocosoy candles have a 'memory', so it is really important to ensure your first burn is done correctly so you can get the most out of your candle. Light your candle for the first time and allow it to burn for approximately 3 hours.  The wax should melt all the way to the sides, or very close to.  This will allow for even burning during the life of your candle and prevent tunnelling.  Subsequent burns should be between 1 and 3 hours. 

Do not burn your candle for extended periods of time - this is hazardous.  If you like to burn candles all day, have 2 or 3 on hand so you can extinguish one and light another.  Allow your candle to cool and harden/reset between burns (we recommend 12 hours min).

Another really important thing to do is trim your wicks!  Our natural wood wicks can easily be trimmed by using your finger tips and carefully breaking the burnt piece off.  You can also use a wick trimmer or sharp scissors (if you can reach!).  Your wick should be trimmed to approx 5mm before each use.

Always light your candle on a heat proof surface and evenly spaced form other candles to ensure an even burn.  Discontinue use when your candles reaches 10mm from the bottom of your jar.  If a candle is left to burn to the bottom of the jar it may cause the vessel to break and cause a fire.

Store your candles out of sunlight and heat.  Please note that your candle wax colour may vary between different scents, and may darken after and whilst burning.  The burn time noted in listings is approximate under ideal burn conditions.

Our crystals are perfectly safe to leave on/in your candle whilst burning.  As your candle melts the crystals will sink and be coated with wax.  They may however prevent an even spread of heat, so for a perfect burn we do recommend removing the two larger crystals when the wax melts during your first burn.  Rinse them in warm soapy water and dry with a soft cloth.  Pop them somewhere special and enjoy!  There is absolutely no need to attempt to remove the smaller crystals. When your candle has been used up, we absolutely encourage you to clean all of your little crystals and keep them.  

Crystal properties:

AMETHYST - The Healing Stone
Also known as the stone of spirituality and contentment
Relieves stress and soothes irritability
Peaceful and calming
Balances mood swings by dispelling anger, rage fear and anxiety
Raises energy vibration.
Protects from negative energies.
Enhances feelings of positivity
Alleviates sadness and grief

ROSE QUARTZ - The Universal Love Stone
Raises energy to a higher frequency
Opens the heart to foster love, friendship, love and peace
Encourages self forgiveness
Invokes feelings of self love and worth
Calming and reassuring in times of grief

CITRINE - The Light Maker Stone
Welcomes abundance and positivity
Fosters happiness and joy 
Energising and recharging
Used for manifesting 
Helps cultivate confidence and optimism
Activates creativity and and encourages self expression