Product Care & Info

Every item at NALU is entirely handcrafted, and as such small cosmetic 'imperfections' such as bubbles, uneven thickness, rough edges or dull spots may be present. These are a natural part of the making process and should be considered a unique feature of your handmade product. Although every piece is made with care and high quality materials, these beautiful pieces of art are made to be loved.  As such they do require gentle handling and care.  

Please note: We try our best to capture the true colours of all NALU pieces, but please remember that colours may show differently on your screen or device.  Always read the description before purchase. 


Resin earrings are surprisingly lightweight, but hard wearing.  Our earrings have been made and finished to be durable for many years of wear.  Whilst solid resin is inate and can be rinsed in water, please be mindful not to expose your earrings to alcohols, lotions, abrasives or perfumes, etc. Unlike our solid resin beauties, our clay (including resin topped clay) and custom art earrings like to stay dry at all costs.  Unfortunately they aren't quite as durable as solid resin, however we strive to create high quality pieces at all times.  In all instances avoid heat and exposure to direct sunlight when not in use, as over time this may impact the resin and cause the colours to fade. Store your earrings on an earring stand/display for longevity, and simply wipe them with a soft damp cloth to clean them if required.

Please keep your earrings out of reach from your babes as they may present a choking hazard.  

Resin Homewares:

Whilst fully cured resin is inert, and we only use high quality food grade safe resin in our pieces, they are designed for decorative purposes and are only suitable for incidental food contact.  They are NOT dishwasher, microwave or heat safe.  Avoid contact with hot surfaces.  Avoid letting hot or soft/wet foods sit on resin surfaces. You may like to use a barrier such as plastic film between your food and the surface.  Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, as over time this may cause the colours to fade.

Hand wash in lukewarm water with a soft cloth.  Do not scrub or use abrasives on items.  Also avoid using sharp utensils or items on your resin, as this will scratch and scuff your beautiful homewares.


Please hang or place your artwork out of direct sunlight.  Due to the nature of the materials, inks could fade over time.  We always recommend keeping your artwork enclosed in a frame.